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Color difference of printing color is a common problem in transparent packaging, which is one of the most difficult problems to overcome in the printing industry.

1. Material selection is very important, the viscosity of the material is large, which will lead to the printing is not smooth, printing will have color difference, so choose materials with small viscosity and good smoothness. There are also strict control of the thickness of the material, within the positive or negative 0.01MM, the printing color can be stable without chromatic aberration.

2.CTP publication dot retention rate is above 98%, dot stability, printing color can be stable without chromatic aberration.

3. The pressure of the printing machine should be balanced, and the pressure of each group of the printing machine should be balanced, so as to ensure the accurate color registration and the saturation of the printing color without chromatic aberration.

4 roller pressure imbalance, roller quality is poor, will lead to color.

5. The proportion of fountain solution is not reasonable, or the water tank is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to have color difference during printing.

6. There must be an experienced, strict, serious and responsible machine operator who pays close attention to and checks the color difference from time to time, and responds immediately if there is any problem, so as to ensure the printing of good products.

The transparent packaging box is easy to be damaged.

1. This problem is still the weight of materials, must choose materials with good toughness, materials to pass the drop test, high temperature test, cold test, anti-uv test, after these tests can basically ensure the damage rate within 1%.

2. Ensure that the printing time with relatively small putrebility of the ink.

3. The power of uv lamp should be controlled when printing. The drying of uv lamp has a great influence on the brittleness of materials.

4. In the process of product cutting, strict checks should also be made on the soft and hard wire, depth must be pinched.

5. Finished products will be inspected by QC 3 days after completion, and then shipped with qualified quality report.

6. The goods must be pallet to avoid severe turbulence and extrusion when going through logistics. Do these believe that the customer complaints about breakage will be very few.